Most of the preparations for one year learning to be realized on a hygienic device and to renovate the premises for posting the event. The spatial conditions are maximally used to use event information, as well as to determine opportunities for participation in your home, able to organize learning for 2013/2014 and summer homes for remodeling and remodeling access to exterior and interior interiors. teaching. Yes, facade (2500m2) renovated in the city, horticultural landscaped courtyard, 2500m2 plastered by teacher in car, paved 200m2 with play, 1000m2 or 15 teachers decorated with PVC floors, you can arrange geodesy with PVC joinery, history-oriented city and server, 300 m2 of secondary parking and parking space, one manually repaired parking space has been repaired as well as generating 200 m2, announced by underground parking offer, corporate renovation. The preparation of the Krière Research Center is also underway. On the learning websites 2015/16 In the teaching program 2017/2018 part of the teaching will be realized in new publications (additional part of the old gymnasium of 630 m2), which has 6 fully equipped classrooms and 4 cabinets for teachers.

When it comes to the space in the school, it can be said that despite the lack of space, the school mostly has conditions for teaching and educational process. (light, clean air, hygienic conditions, classroom space, specialized classrooms, cabinets, laboratories, workshops, auxiliary facilities, courtyard parking, free spaces, sports fields, accessories, etc.).

The total living space is 7141 m2 and it consists of block I and block III for teaching and auxiliary buildings (shed and guard house).

The architectural solution of the buildings corresponds to the modern conditions for teaching especially the new parts, while the old parts are not equivalent to them. The order of contents by objects is as follows:

Block 1 (5928 m2) is a whole of old, new and latest. The number of classrooms in the old block is on the ground floor 5 classrooms and 6 classrooms on the ground floor, in the new part of the inter-floor 5 classrooms, in the new part 5 classrooms on the ground floor and 5 classrooms on the floor, two specialized IT classrooms, 13 teacher rooms- cabinets of which 2 cabinets of geodetic engineering are equipped with computers, one chemistry lab, a teaching office, three auxiliary rooms (youth office, environmental club, hygiene room), a real company and four toilets. The newest section has 6 classrooms and 4 teacher cabinets. The block 1 new part is directly connected to the gym (1545 m2) which can be used from 7 to 18 pm, and does not meet the needs for realization of the contents of the program sports and sports activities.

Block 3 (925 m2) is a unit consisting of seven classrooms that are fully equipped with computer equipment, a cabinet for fine arts, a cabinet for music culture, a textile workshop, a home-master room and a cabinet for textile teachers.

Barracks with 4 classrooms and a cabinet.

The school also has a wooden shed facility (228 m2) which houses the administration, professional and administrative service and the library.

Overall the school has:

– 40 classrooms

– 2 specialized IT classrooms (new block)

– 26 cabinets for teachers

– 1 chemistry laboratory

– 1 archive room

– 1 auxiliary room

– 3 specialized workshops for: textile profession, real company, health profession, catering tourism industry

– a virtual company room

– 1 teaching office

– 2 rooms for support staff

– 1 Home Master Workshop

– Mediation Club (3 blocks)

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