Construction-geodetical profession


Profile: Architectural Technician

Dreaming of a new home and what it would look like?
Architectural technicians will help you make your dream come true.


The school “Niko Nestor" Struga for the needs of the practical work of an architectural technician cooperates with:
-AD Ilinden Struga
– “Macedonia Road to Struga
– HPP Globocica
– KNAUF Debar

Construction and surveying profession is one of the oldest occupations in the school, but it is also one of the most attractive not only for the students from the municipality but also for the students from all over the region.

Consruction-Geodetical Profesion

Profile: GeodeticalTechnician

The geodesy cabinet has:

-Teachers for theoretical teaching and a classroom for practical teaching

-Polygon network stabilized in the school yard which is used for realization of classes after practical classes, ie field exercises

-Temporary geodetic instruments intended for realization of geodetic measurements

-Instructions for drawing and digital calculation of surfaces

If you want to be precise geodet…

Geodesists are trained to:

-Geodetic measurements in different geodetic networks

-Use of various geodetic instruments

– Geodetic works related to cadastre, engineering geodesy and photogrammetry.

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