Sturcture of the School

School Structure (school board, parent council, teacher council, professional councils, class councils, student community)

School Board Members (First and Last Name)

1.      Ферзије Леши

2.      Виолета Николоска

3.      Невзат Усеини

4.      Билјана Спасеска

5.      Марија Ашталкоска

6.      Астрит Даути

7.      Идриз Билали

8.      Кристина Маркоска Монеска

9.      Бојан Ковачески

10.  Минир Максутоски

11.  Сафет Ајдиноски

12.  Наташа Влаќеска

Parents Board Name (First and Last)

1.      Идриз Билали

2.      Топузоска Тања

3.      Ванчо Богданоски

4.      Силвана Беќароска

5.      Халим Положани

6.      Тефик Далипи

7.      Влаќеска Наташа

8.      Сафет Ајдиноски

9.      Дашмир Насуфи

Professional Assets

1. Active in Macedonian language and literature

2. Active in Albanian language and literature

3. Foreign Language Assets

4. Mathematics asset

5. Active in physics

6. Biological asset

7. History and geography asset

8. Asset in Informatics and Professional subjects in Electrical Engineering

9. Active in sports and sports activities

10. Art asset

11. Active in Sociology, Civics, Peace, Tolerance and Protection, Psychology

12. Chemistry and chemical technology asset

13. Textile leather asset

14. Asset of economic legal and commercial profession

15. Health professional asset

Classroom Tips (number of teachers) 134
Student community members (number of students) 1300


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